BRPSoft Limited

Company Number 9735251

Baxter Pearson

Software Contractor and Freelancer


I have been a commercial software developer since year 2000. I have experience with many software, and web platforms, encompassing the latest industry trends.

I pride myself on producing software to the highest standards. For examples of my work and services offered please see below.

I will undertake new projects, and project upgrades. I will also take bug or problem fixing tasks, as part of project upgrades.

Please contact me using the methods in the 'Contact' section below, if you have any questions, or enquires.


ASP.NET Webforms

Experience since 2008 creating and maintaining Microsoft ASP.NET Webforms solutions


Experience since 2011 creating and updating Microsoft MVC web appication solutions

WPF Applications

Experince since 2010 creating and maintaining Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation applications

Winforms Applications

Experience with all versions of Microsoft SQL Server since 2000 release

SQL Server

Experience with all versions of Microsoft SQL Server since 2000 release

Transactional SQL

Experience since 2008 using Microsoft T-SQL with many successful comerical projects


Experinced since 2006 creating and updating Microsoft C# .NET solutions


Experinced since 2007 creating and updating Microsoft VB .NET solutions

Published Work and Demos

Angular JS Single Page Demo

An AngularJS single page demo site, with data provided from a live SQL Server 2012 database via a hosted ASP.NET WebAPI project

MVC 5 Demo Site

A self contained ASP.NET MVC5 web application, with user logins managed, and live data provided via a hosted live SQL Server 2012 database

Code Project Published Articles

Various projects and articles submitted to


Located in Coventry CV3